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Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional Dental Bridge

Traditional bridges are the most common type of bridges used in dentistry today. They are typically made from porcelain fused with metal or ceramic material. These bridges use crowns placed on the natural teeth on either side of the gap to support the false tooth or teeth called pontics. Natural teeth support this type of bridge on both sides of the gap. 

Cantilever Bridge

Our dentist may recommend a cantilever dental bridge when only one tooth is available to support the tooth replacement. This type of bridge includes one or more pontics (replacement teeth) and a single dental crown.  

Maryland Bonded Bridge

This type of bridge uses metal wings attached to the adjacent natural teeth to hold the replacement teeth in place. The wings are bonded to the two adjacent teeth and keep the pontics in place. This is a more conservative option as it does not include reshaping the neighboring natural teeth to prepare them for crown placement.   

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The Advantages of Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an excellent solution because it fills the gap left by a missing tooth and improves your smile’s appearance. At the same time, it can also help restore the functionality of your mouth. Without a bridge, you may experience difficulty eating certain types of food, speaking clearly, and even smiling confidently. Additionally, your remaining teeth may drift out of position, leading to misalignment. All of these issues can be prevented or corrected with a bridge. 

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