Child smiling after her first children's dentistry appointment

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Gummy Smile

A gummy smile, characterized by an excessive and prominent display of gum tissue when smiling, is a condition that can affect one's self-confidence and overall facial aesthetics. This dental concern occurs due to various factors, such as an overgrowth of the upper jaw bone or hyperactivity in the muscles responsible for lifting the upper lip. Individuals with this condition often feel insecure about their smiles, which may hinder their social interactions.

Child smiling after her first children's dentistry appointment

Actual Patients

Treatment for A Gummy Smile

Advancements in dental technology have provided several effective treatment options to address a gummy smile. One such option is orthognathic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery, which involves repositioning the upper jaw to achieve proper alignment and reduce gum exposure during smiling. Another alternative is botulinum toxin injections into specific muscles around the mouth area to weaken their activity and limit excessive elevation of the upper lip. Additionally, a nonsurgical approach called gingivectomy can be employed where excess gum tissue is skillfully removed using laser technology or traditional surgical techniques. These treatments aim not only to enhance oral function but also to restore patients' confidence by creating harmonious smiles that exhibit an optimal balance between teeth and gums.

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