Gemini diode laser dentistry system

The Gemini Diode Laser

The Gemini diode laser is a product of Ultradent, a company that provides high-quality, innovative dental technology tools for dentists. Using 20-watt power sources, this soft tissue laser can quickly and precisely remove soft tissue and cauterize the treatment area.

Additionally, the Gemini is the first dental laser to provide two separate wavelength options in the same tool - 810 and 980 wavelengths. In the past, switching between wavelengths meant using an entirely separate laser. Thanks to the Gemini diode laser, Dr. Kutis can seamlessly transition between the two wavelengths to ensure precise treatment.

Dental laser treatment

Treatments Using Dental Lasers

We provide a wide range of dental services using the Gemini diode laser, including:

  • Completing gum disease treatments like scaling and root planing
  • Providing deep cleanings for patients at risk for gum disease
  • Reshaping the gumline for patients with “stubby” teeth or “gummy” smiles
  • Exposing adequate dental structure to support a dental crown, fixed bridge, or other dental restoration
  • Provide immediate relief from discomfort in the case of cold sores and canker sores, remove the darker coloring and bumps, and prevent recurrence without the use of drugs or toxins
  • Performing frenectomies, which are laser treatments focused on removing excessive tissue connecting the lip and gums or the tongue to the floor of the mouth. They’re also known as lip or tongue-tie and cleft lip and palate.

The Laser Dentistry Process

Using the Gemini system, these dental treatments can be completed quickly and comfortably. We simply set the laser to the correct procedure, select a wavelength, and set it to work. We will usually numb the area to be treated to ensure comfort. Then, we use the preset dental laser to remove or reshape gum tissue as necessary to deliver flawless, healthy smiles.

Following treatment, you may feel some mild sensitivity or discomfort. However, you should be healed within 48 hours of the procedure.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are numerous benefits to completing dental procedures using lasers. Some of the most important advantages of laser dentistry include:

  • Less time in the dental office as procedures are completed more quickly
  • Less discomfort and bleeding during treatment as soft tissue is instantly cauterized
  • Faster healing time with reduced risk for infection since there is no need to place or remove sutures, which take longer to heal and are more easily infected following treatment
  • More precise treatment than is possible with a traditional scalpel and suture method, which also means a more conservative procedure
  • Patients are less likely to need anesthesia or sedation dentistry

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