Smiles That Appear Gummy

A gummy smile is a condition where your gums appear more prominently than your teeth when you smile. One reason for a gummy smile could be hyperactive lip muscles. Genetics also plays a role in the development of this condition. Another cause of a gummy smile could be the size and shape of teeth and jaws. Certain medical conditions, such as gingivitis, can cause swollen gums, which result in excessive gum tissue being exposed while smiling. Orthodontic problems such as an improper bite or misaligned teeth can also contribute to a gummy smile.

Treatment For A Gummy Smile

One common treatment for a gummy smile is Botox injections. This involves injecting small amounts of Botox into the upper lip muscles to weaken them, which causes the lip to relax and cover more of the gums when smiling. Another option is crown lengthening surgery, where gum tissue is removed or reshaped to expose more of the tooth and create a more balanced smile. Orthodontic treatments such as braces or clear aligners can also be used to reposition the teeth and improve overall facial aesthetics. In severe cases, jaw surgery may be necessary to address underlying skeletal issues that contribute to a gummy smile.

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