This Holiday, Give the Gift of Teeth Whitening in Ken Caryl!

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This Holiday, Give the Gift of Teeth Whitening in Ken Caryl!

Some friends and family can be so hard to buy for during the holidays. If they’ve ever been unsure about what it is they want, sometimes a great way to make them happy is to give them a boost in confidence! A quick and easy way to do this is to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in Ken Caryl.

The beauty of this treatment is not just its ability at whitening teeth effectively, but in just one appointment! Here’s what you can expect.

Why Give the Gift of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening can do so much more than just make your loved one’s smile multiple shades whiter. If you’ve had stained teeth before, you probably remember how uncomfortable smiling around others made you feel. Even smiling around friends and family can be difficult if your stains are particularly bad. Teeth whitening treatments like Zoom! can make your loved one feel confident to show off their smile more often.

After all, the smile is considered a window into the soul for some. In fact, a beautiful smile can be a huge game-changer in your loved one’s social, professional and everyday life. Without it, you might not feel confident making certain decisions you would otherwise. Whether it’s having the confidence to deliver a presentation in front of their colleagues or start a conversation with someone that’s incredibly special to them, having an attractive smile to show off is always a benefit.

What Does Treatment Entail?

When your loved one comes in for their whitening treatment, they’ll be using Zoom! whitening. This treatment utilizes bleaching gel that’s activated by a unique light. After the bleaching gel is applied and the lamp turns on, they’ll relax in the dental chair for about 15 minutes. If they want a more intense whitening treatment, they can still get it completed in just under an hour. Considering the benefits it provides, it’s a great way to make someone’s new year start off well.

Will the Whitening Last?

After their teeth whitening treatment is complete, your loved one will be given helpful tips to make their smile last. Of course, they can also take advantage of take-home touch-up kits that work to keep their smile white throughout the year. These kits use custom-made trays that fit their smile exactly. This way when they apply the bleaching gel to the tray, it doesn’t leak or get exposed to air in the process.

If they’ve ever tried over-the-counter whitening products before, they were likely disappointed because they didn’t quite deliver the results they were expecting. This is because these products are mass-produced, not customized to fit smiles precisely. When you choose professional-grade products, you can expect professional results.

Need help choosing a gift this holiday season? Give the gift of teeth whitening with help from a dentist in Ken Caryl today!

About the Author

Dr. Susan Kutis earned her DDS degree from the University of Illinois at the Chicago College of Dentistry. Thanks to her continued education, she’s trained to provide the latest techniques and products in cosmetic dentistry, including Zoom! whitening. To learn more about her practice or about cosmetic treatments your loved ones could benefit from, you can contact her through her website.

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