Is the Field of Cosmetic Dentistry Safe?

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Is the Field of Cosmetic Dentistry Safe?

If you don’t know much about aesthetic dental work, it might sound too good to be true. In particular, you may ask yourself, “Is cosmetic dentistry safe?” After all, one can easily assume that pretty smiles come at the cost of oral health. In truth, though, there’s really nothing to fear; cosmetic dental treatments are perfectly harmless. Dentists would never sacrifice healthy teeth and gums for prettier pearly whites. To prove it, here’s a summary of the issue from your Littleton dental practice.

So, *Is* Cosmetic Dentistry Safe?

To be clear, cosmetic dentistry won’t damage your mouth. Nearly all cosmetic dental work is safe.

Still, it’s a fact that some procedures aren’t for everyone. Based on your history, genetics, and lifestyle, a dentist might suggest one service over some other one. Otherwise, a chosen treatment might not work well.

Alternatively, you may need preventive work before a cosmetic treatment. If you don’t get it, a prior health issue could undo a service’s effects. Should that happen, your dental visit won’t be cost-effective.

Examples of Safe Cosmetic Treatments

Dentists take every measure in cosmetic dentistry to ensure treatment doesn’t harm oral health. To see for yourself, read over these examples of safe cosmetic dental treatments.

Teeth Whitening

As a procedure that whitens stained teeth, teeth whitening doesn’t hurt pearly whites. The latest research proves that its gel doesn’t harm enamel, nor does it irritate gums. At most, it might lead to mild sensitivity that fades with time.

Dental Bonding

Like teeth whitening, dental bonding can’t hurt teeth. In particular, its tooth-colored resin is non-toxic and painless.

The application process is fine, too; it’s not invasive and doesn’t involve discomfort. In other words, it can smoothly hide tooth flaws in just a single visit.

Porcelain Veneers

Granted, porcelain veneers remove some of your tooth enamel. However, this part of the treatment is painless due to the sedatives involved. Plus, veneers compensate for the reduced enamel on your teeth with their durability.

As for the procedure’s risks, the only major one is that its results are permanent. Removing the veneers later would damage your teeth, so they can’t be taken off once placed.

As you can see, a cosmetic dentist can beautify your smile without harming its health. Therefore, talk to your local practice about possible treatment options soon!

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