5 Ways to Maximize Your Dental Insurance

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can save you a tremendous amount of money, but only if you use it correctly. Unfortunately, recent studies show that thousands of dollars’ worth of dental benefits go to waste every single year. Do you know how to make the most of your benefits? Read on as we go over five key ways you can maximize your dental insurance.

1.) Take Full Advantage of Your Checkups

The end of the year is quickly approaching—have you gotten your second dental checkup yet? Dental insurance typically covers two dental checkups and cleanings every year at 90-100%. Not only are you wasting money if you don’t get two dental checkups every year, but these quick visits are essential for spotting and stopping oral health issues as early as possible, saving you time and money.

2.) Know What Your Coverage Is

While every dental insurance plan is different, most follow the 100-80-50 rule of coverage:

  • Preventive care like checkups, screenings, and fluoride treatments often receive 90-100% coverage from dental insurance.
  • Basic treatments like fillings and gum disease treatment are usually covered at 70-80%
  • Major procedures such as dental crowns and root canal therapy may only receive 50% or less coverage depending on your plan.

Understanding the 100-80-50 rule can help you predict how much your dental care will cost. Plus, it can also play a key role in maximizing your deductibles and maximums.

3.) Don’t Let Your Annual Maximum Go to Waste

Your deductible is how much you need to pay for your dental care before your dental insurance kicks in. Once your deductible is met, your insurance will pay for your treatments according to your coverage up until a set dollar amount called your annual maximum. Whatever you don’t use of your annual maximum likely won’t roll over to the next year! So if you’ve met your deductible but not your maximum, make sure to get the dental treatments you need before the end of the year!

4.) Plan for Next Year’s Deductible

What if you haven’t met your deductible by the end of the year? Like your maximum, your deductible resets every year. This means when your coverage period renews, none of your contributions towards your deductible will count anymore and you’ll be starting from scratch again. If you haven’t met your deductible as the end of the year approaches, do your best to postpone your dental care until January so the cost will count towards next year’s deductible.

5.) Talk to Your Dentist About Maximizing Your Coverage

Even with these tips, knowing how to make the most of your dental insurance can be confusing. That’s why you should also talk with your dentist about how you personally can maximize your benefits. They and their team can help you learn more about your coverage and when you should schedule your next treatments. By talking to your dentist, you can rest easy knowing that an experienced professional is helping you make the most of your dental insurance.

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