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“Most people at my age get a sports car, and I tell my friends that I spent my money on teeth.” Steve came to us in 2016, and he struggled with his appearance. He travels internationally for work, and his smile had been treated by dentists around the world. Some of the work was better than other treatments, but the majority of the work needed to be redone. On Halloween, we completed a full mouth reconstruction. We completely reshaped and restored his entire smile, giving him the confidence he needed to move forward with his goals to lead a healthier life. Since his Halloween smile transformation, Steve has worked with a healthy living specialist to lose 50 pounds and significantly lower his blood pressure. Steve is so appreciative and has a new confident take on life. It’s always an honor to help patients look and feel their best and we love patients like Steve!

headshot of steven after dental work


What do "Jill" and Jane Fonda have in common besides being strong, beautiful women? They have both battled the eating disorder bulimia and want to help others suffering from it. Bulimia is a life threatening condition, and it is usually brought on by either body image issues or emotional trauma. Bulimia can also be very damaging to the teeth due to acid exposure, as was the case with "Jill". Thankfully, Dr. Kutis was able to rebuild her smile using dental crowns, and now she is able to smile confidently while helping people. She wants everyone to know that bulimia can be overcome with treatment, and the first step is to reach out for help.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from this disorder, please go to for help.


We love seeing Johan. He has a wonderfully funny personality and insists that we call him “Guapo,” which means handsome in Spanish. He came into Blue Sage Dental because his veneers had decay underneath them. Furthermore, the back of his teeth were also eroding, nearly exposing the nerve, because of years of acid reflux. We were happy to be able to reveal a beautiful, healthy smile -- and one that matches his charming and charismatic personality! Today, he can’t stop smiling. Oh, and a personal message from Johan: he’s single, available, and speaks three languages.


September is actually National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month. AFib, as it is more commonly known, is a type of irregular heartbeat that can often lead to stroke, so doctors and volunteer organizations from around the country take this time to raise awareness of the condition in order to help people curb their potential health risks. In honor of this month, we wanted to feature a very special patient in our Smile Spotlight: Becky.

Becky suffered from a stroke, fell, and chipped many of her teeth. We were able to fully restore them with porcelain veneers, and as you can see, she can now smile with complete confidence once again. Her poise and strength during her recovery is a great example for all stroke survivors, and we’re just happy that we were able to help.

To learn more about AFib, strokes, and how you can protect yourself and help others, please visit