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Laser Dentistry

Dr. Kutis smiling with laser In recent years, technology has quickly changed the way we accomplish the most mundane tasks. From making a phone call to scheduling a doctor’s appointment, innovative technology makes our lives easier every day. In the dental field, innovations have not only made treatments easier and more predictable, they have also made it possible for patients to receive advanced dentistry procedures with minimal discomfort, less time in the dental chair, and reduced risk for concerns following treatment. One of the dental technologies that has had the greatest impact in the field is the soft tissue laser. Laser dentistry at Blue Sage Dental allows Dr. Susan Kutis and her Littleton dental team to offer safe, comfortable treatments to restore oral health or improve the appearance of the smile. If you would like to learn more about laser dentistry or any of the dental services we provide, contact our Littleton dentist and team to schedule a treatment consultation today.

The Gemini Diode Laser

The Gemini diode laser is a product of Ultradent, a company that provides high quality, innovative dental technology tools for dentists. Using a 20 watt power sources, this soft tissue laser can quickly and precisely remove soft tissue and cauterize the treatment area. Additionally, the Gemini is the first dental laser to provide two separate wavelength options in the same tool - 810 and 980 wavelength. In the past, switching between wavelengths meant using an entirely separate laser. Thanks to the Gemini diode laser, Dr. Kutis can seamlessly transition between the two wavelengths to ensure precise treatment.

Treatments Using Dental Lasers

We may provide a wide range of dental services using the Gemini diode laser, including:


The Laser Dentistry Process

Using the Gemini system, these dental treatments are able to be completed quickly and comfortably. We simply set the laser to the correct procedure, select a wavelength, and set straight to work. We will usually numb the area to be treated to ensure comfort. Then, we use the preset dental laser to remove or reshape gum tissue as necessary to deliver flawless, healthy smiles. Following treatment, you may feel some mild sensitivity or discomfort. However, you should be healed within 48 hours of the procedure.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are numerous benefits to completing dental procedures using lasers. Some of the most important advantages to laser dentistry include: